Actium Batch Compost Drum

The Compost Drum – Batch is a 4 ft. diameter X 5 ft. long insulated rotating drum. It’s 55 cubic foot capacity will handle up to 2000 lb. of organics per “Batch” Recommended loading rate is up to 50 lb. per day of organics.

This is our smallest model of rotating compost drums. Even though, it is large enough to develop the heat required for efficient hot composting. We manufacture it with more insulating value than our larger models to help retain more of this heat.

It requires no energy input from electricity or fuel.  Simply place it at a convenient location and add organics as required.

Turning it with the manual crank then mixes the organics with the preloaded wood shavings, sawdust or other dry carbon source

When the Drum is full, empty it and you can use the compost for your landscaping or gardening needs. It can handle up to 2000 lb. of organics before emptying.

The Compost Drum – Batch comes with steps, or you can provide your own.

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