Discover features of the Actium Compost Drums

Actium Resources has been manufacturing Rotating Compost Drums since 2010. They are based on original, innovative designs developed over years of experience.

Actium Composter Construction Overview

The Compost Drum is a commercial on-site composting system.  It is available as either a

  • Batch Composter
  • Continuous Flow Composter.

They share some common features that make them a superior on-site composting solution.

  • Heavy solid steel construction

This includes the drums, the mixing paddles in the drum, the frames and all mounting brackets.  These are protected by a

  • Well proven rust inhibitor

to further enhance the systems’ durability.  All critical components such as safety guards are

  • Heavy gauge Stainless Steel.

An effective insulation system is necessary for rapid microbial decomposition or “Hot Composting” such as what occurs in The Compost Drum.  We use a recognized tank insulation system.  This consists of a

  • High density glass fiber insulation
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum jacket

Together, they ensure that sufficient heat is retained for The Compost Drum to achieve the temperature required for pathogen elimination and rapid organic matter oxidation.

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